Doctors are studying an investigational medication

Right now, a clinical research study is enrolling for people with recurrent glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is a type of brain tumor, “recurrent” means that it’s a tumor that has returned after being treated.

Just like your normal cells, cancer cells require blood flow in order to thrive and grow. The investigational medication being tested in this study is designed to slow the growth of new blood vessels, which may affect the growth of cancerous tumors like glioblastoma. (“Investigational” means that the medication is not yet approved for use by the general public.) Doctors are studying this medication to better understand how it might help people with recurrent glioblastoma.

Do I qualify for this study?

In order to qualify for this study, you must meet the following criteria:

Doctors will also check other requirements to confirm that you qualify.

What is the investigational medication?

There are two medications in this study — the investigational medication, and a medication called bevacizumab that’s already approved to treat recurrent glioblastoma. People who qualify for and agree to participate in this research study will be randomly assigned to one of two treatment groups.

If you qualify for this study, all study medication and study-related care will be at no cost to you.

What is the schedule for the study?

Treatment group 1: Investigational medication every 8 weeks and bevacizumab every 2 weeks

Treatment group 2: Bevacizumab every 2 weeks

How can we get started?

  1. Talk to your Doctors

    Talk to your doctors to help you decide if the GLOBE study may be right for you.

  2. Find out if you’re eligible

    The study coordinator will ask some health questions to make sure you meet the requirements for the study.

  3. Give informed consent

    A study doctor will explain the study procedures and its possible benefits and risks. The study doctor will also answer any questions you might have. To join our study, you must read and sign an informed consent document to show that you understand the study and what’s required of you.

  4. Participate

    If eligible, you’ll enter the GLOBE study. You’ll make a number of study visits during your participation. Study visits are scheduled in according to a study protocol (a written study plan). The staff will work with you to find convenient times for these visits.